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James Redigan


About James Redigan

After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Colorado State University, I worked in the corporate world as a business consultant. While working as a consultant, I frequently observed how people’s hectic work schedules and day-to-day stressors could slowly wear them down emotionally, resulting in their happiness being compromised.

Seeing this trend in the business world, coupled with the passion I’ve always had for understanding people’s thinking and way of doing things, prompted me to pursue my Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from University of Colorado Denver. Now with my professional experience and educational background, I can more easily navigate how to handle the day-to-day stressors and help my clients manage the mental health piece of their lives.

I have extensive experience working with: anxiety, depression, relationship issues, family strife, juvenile legal issues, and addiction, but can address other common concerns. Additionally, I’ve worked with a lot of males, ranging from adolescents to adults, dealing specifically with male issues.