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Therapeutic Approach

I operate from a Solution-Focused, Cognitive Behavioral approach. I like to look not only at the issues my clients bring to the table, but also the strengths and assets they bring as well. Often times, we’re our own worst enemies when it comes to getting back on track where we want to be. Focusing on the negatives, without remembering the positives, makes it very difficult to achieve our mental health goals and happiness.

I like to look at the issues in a pragmatic way, address the source of the issues, and look at potential solutions for how to take on those issues and achieve your goals.

Another note: It is very normal to be nervous and uncomfortable during your first session. Sharing details of your life with a complete stranger is not a common, every day occurrence. It takes a lot of courage and strength to come in for the first session, and I promise to be as authentic and real with you as possible, so as to hopefully make it easier for you to do the same.

My specialization

Individual Counseling
Group Therapy
Families & Couples

Counseling Services

  • Free Phone Consultation

    This allows you to meet me, go over paperwork, and discuss goals you have for our therapy sessions. Schedule a session…

  • Couple & Family Sessions

    For couples and/or families who wish to receive counsel in a group setting. Schedule a session…