“The journey to happiness is not measured in time or in dollars, but rather your dedication to seeking what’s important to you.”

  • Free Phone Consultation
  • Free
    no obligation / time can vary
  • Individuals
  • $120 per 50 minute session
    $170 per 90 minute session
  • Couples & Families
  • $150 per 50 minute session
    $200 per 90 minute session


The symbol is a physical representation of being present. It is important to me, both personally and in my practice, to be mindful and be present in the moment we’re in. The vertical forms represent time, past and future. The horizontal forms represent space-360 degrees. The piece in the middle is constant, always in the center, being here and now. This symbol is a reminder for me to be in the moment and be fully present, and encourages my clients to do the same.

Therapy can help when you’re experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, or other negative emotions. It also can help to get new ideas and perspective on difficult situations you may be trying to figure out. The most successful people I know are the ones who have reached out for help when they needed it.